Congratulations to all the teams! Great Fall Ball this year,

All leagues were competitive, that’s what we want!

1st,2nd,3rd,4th Plaques for all divisions and

Champions shirts (for divisions with less than 9 teams)

 for all PAID players on your roster  will be ordered

Tie-Breakers used were:

Good Times/Funsized

(1-1 against each other) and each team won by 10

(CO-CHAMPIONS) Both teams will get shirts

Dirty Girlz/Venom

(1-1 against each other) Dirty Girlz won their game by 1 more run than Venom did.

Bad Apples-Down & Dirty- New Skillz

Bad Apples 3-1 against tied teams –gave up 65 total def runs against them

Down & Dirty 2-2 against tied teams–gave up 70 total def runs against them

New Skillz  1-3  against tied teams–gave up 75 total def runs against them