Make-Up Games Rescheduled

Make-Up games we have scheduled for this Sunday are going to be rescheduled for a later date! We are shooting for Sunday October 13th, this way we will know if we have any more make-up games to add. (rainy weather predicted for this week) I will send out a new […]


If you are wanting in and have not verified it with me you need to do so! Don’t wait and be left out WE WILL FILL UP!

REMINDERS: STOP Littering in the parking lot!!!!!

We have plenty of dumpsters for you to throw your empties and trash in, we also have trash bags in the office!! The City has called us after the last 2 Wednesday Night games, and they have notified the police to do drive through and ticket offenders (no bs here) […]


Fall Ball Standings updated. UPDATES: League Rosters: WE still have players that have played and not paid player fee: YOU AS COACH will have to pay for these players as I/we come around to collect!  Field 4 Fence height addition Construction has started, from now until finished: ANY ball that hits ANY […]

TGIF Summer Finals

Final Standings for TGIF Summer League are posted. League Director Darrell Chancey used the normal Tie-Breakers that CSA uses, any questions please call him 575-760-7734 Plaques for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be ordered and shirts for all Division Champions and 2nd place for any Division that has 9 or […]