Make-Up Games Schedule

Click Here for make-up schedule Make-Up games schedule, ALL of these games will be scheduled for Sunday October 13th. Please let all of your player know the schedule for your team

Games Cancelled and Rescheduled

ALL GAMES for Wednesday Oct. 2nd, and Thursday Oct. 3rd have been canceled. This was a joint decision made by the CSA and City Parks and Recreation Dept. It was made to let the City have time to FIX the water main correctly. ALL MAKE-UP games (previous and these) WILL […]

Games Cancelled For Tonight Oct.1st

Games for tonight Tuesday Oct. 1st and have been rescheduled for Sunday Oct. 13th, Times will be announced as soon as we find out if we will have to cancel more nights this week. I will send out a make-up time schedule as soon as we know, BUT these games WILL […]