New League Director Policy

Regarding the incidents that occurred Thursday, April 4th.

CSA will NOT TOLERATE any fighting between teams or within teams.  As League Director’s we will be enforcing Zero Tolerance Policy regarding fighting whether verbal or physical. If a Team or a Player instigate a fight the whole team and/or player will be suspended for a 1-year time frame.

If a situation arises come to us as your League Directors and let us handle the situation.  Anger fueling anger DOES NOT resolve any situation.  Be the bigger person and walk away and let us resolve the matter.  Also, Coaches please do not let your fans get out of control, because if you cannot handle them we will and ask them to leave or have them removed.  Do not allow your fans get your team suspended.

Coaches, please notify your parents on your team that we will also not tolerate any bullying on the playground.  If your child is bullying another child, we will have both the parent and the child removed from the premises immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

HJ Wallin

Flo Jackson

League Director’s