Women’s Spring League standings and UPDATE


An email was sent out with the league standing on May 8th stating that there would be no switching of teams effective May 11, 2023, and we had a team that chose not to adhere to that rule.  Not only were the players put on the lineup illegally the players did not even come into the office to pay player fees.  If they had done that, they would have been made aware of that rule.  A comment from the Coach it’s not fair to suspend the player due to the fact that they did not know and that would be correct, so instead of suspending the players the next time this happens we will suspend the Coach for 6 games and will not be allowed on the premises trying to Coach from the stands and all games the illegal player played in will be ruled a forfeit.

If you have any questions regarding this rule, please stop by the office and we can discuss it.  We would greatly appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


HJ Wallin and Florence Jackson